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Restoration Price Guide

We will give you our best quote if multiple fixes are required before we start work, this will be based on the numbers of hours of restoration required for your photograph.

Digital photograph restoration price guide 

We will give you our best quote if multiple fixes are required before we start work, this will be based on the numbers of hours of restoration required for your photograph.

Basic Restoration £10.00 per hour & printing cost average cost £25.00

Basic fix for photos with small area of damage or adjustment required a couple of scratches marks or spots. Not in important areas such as the face or where the area would need reconstruction. Red-eye or spot blemish removal & basic colour, brightness and contrast adjustments.

Extensive Restoration/ retouching service £20.00 per hour - average cost £40.00 for badly faded photo.

Extensive damage to the photograph, large areas missing or important details with water, fire or smoke damage where reconstruction of the area will be needed.

  • Professional Retouching of wedding photographs or 
  • Small area on or around the face with light damage, mould spots, water damage.
  • Small areas missing in non-important areas minor reconstruction.
  • Scratches and light marks removed.
  • Colour & tone fade correction
  • Considerable damage we will inform you if it will be possible to repair and give you a quote based on the extreme reconstruction requirements.
Enlargements photo examples

Enlargements by request up to A3 please state which paper or art card you require.

Image Manipulation / editing cosplay Pictures / artwork

Prices start from £40.00 per picture depending on how much work is involved or how complex the artwork will be.

If you require an A3 poster print of your image then it will be £26.00 extra, all artwork undertaken  is charged at £20.00 per hour.

Quality Photographic Prints From

Please make sure your negatives are clean and free from dust or post processing will incur a restoration fee

  • 35mm colour/ 35mm B&W/ 35mm Negatives / 6×6, 6×7, 6×8,6×9 Negatives / colour
  • 0-24 Slides – £0.45p Each
  • 25-100 Slides – £0.40p each
  • 100+ Slides – £0.35p Each
  •  All Plus £4.00 for CD (editable)
  • All Plus £6.00 for DVD (editable)
  • All Plus £10.00 for Slideshow on DVD with Music for Television or PC (uneditable)
  • Scans @ 2400dpi std upto 12800dpi special request.
  • 24bit colour std or 48bit colour special request

Memory stick transfer on request.

Please make sure your  viewing side is marked on slides to avoid reversed images in transfer if non standard slides or glass plates used.

Quality Photographic Prints From

A4Up to A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) Premium Semi-Gloss Finish    £ 6.00

A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) Premium Glossy Finish                       £ 6.00

A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) Premium Glossy Finish                       £12.00

A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) Premium Semi-Gloss Finish               £12.00

Glass plate photographs up to 8cm x8cm at present       £6. 00

Silk Print Photographic material   A4                                   £20.00

Other sizes please call for prices

Reproduction Art prints- Water colour reproductions price includes high quality scan

White Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g  @ £16.00 / A3 @ £26.00 per print (please request specialist paper)

Inkjet White Velvet  Art Papers for Artist prints– a white, 25% cotton and 75% a-cellulose paper with a surface texture similar to “German Etching” but with a higher whiteness – guarantees archival standards. Its premium matt inkjet coating meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper. Size A3 /A2 applications

The coated side of this paper provides excellent image sharpness and optimum colour graduation. The coating also offers a high level of water resistance. Common applications include photographic and fine art reproduction, digital art, black & white and colour photography, limited edition prints, presentation prints for display purposes and exhibitions.

We use “The Cube”  along with swatchmate software that revolutionises matching paint colors and match them to a host of over 7,500 digital color profiles, including PANTONE so you will know your colours are the same as the original paintings.

We also scan oversize A3 Documents and email them for you @ £2.50 per page per side.

We can also print photographs onto Real Silk  or Wood up to A3 size in full colour! @ £25.00 per print

If you require specialist papers such as archive or matt please enquire before placing an order.

We perform Virus checks on all media coming in and going out on all our digital formats to keep you safe!

Payment Method Please make cheques and bank transfers out to Especial Effects


By Cheque,

Bank Transfer

BACS or  Postal orders

Dont Let Your Memories Fade Away !

We can reverse the clock and restore the image to how it looked on the very first day it was taken and even improve the image by removing any unwanted objects or adding colour to a black and white image if so desired.
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