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How To Send Your Photo's

We will give you a free estimate on all your photographs that need restoration or visual digital processing.

Scan and email your photographs

Free estimates are given, full restorations require a scan of around 1Mb – 5Mb low compression JPEG file, or an image at least 3000 pixels on its longest side.

Contact us for further details if worried about the format or resolution details first.

Slides will be scanned @ 2400 dpi unless requested higher dpi, please make sure your  view side is marked on all slides that you send to avoid reversed image


Posting your photographs

Use Royal Mail Special Delivery for the safest method include insurance and tracking, we will post back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery and the cost of this will be added to the restoration.

Post to: Photo Fantastic Restorations, 86 Woodhurst ave, Petts Wood Kent BR51AT


We need your return address.

Please supply your return email/postal address and include details of the restoration work you want carried out. We will contact you before any work commences and give you a quote.

Types of digital scanned files you can send

File size up to 20MB max and go for 600 or higher dpi, or an image at least 3000 pixels on its longest side. for true colour images you must use JPG or PNG. A true colour image can display over 16 million different colours for accurate reproduction size and colour for Microsoft Windows® operating systems standard (home use)

 If your picture is in Black & White you can either scan it in greyscale or colour. The colour scan option will give us a greater ability to manipulate the image though.

Please let us know if you require special final scanned formats: ProPhoto RGB sRGB, Adobe RGB, Apple RGB, ColorMatch RGB or ECI RGB.

The photograph is entirely your property, both the original and the restoration. We do not hold copy’s on our system unless you request it, we will not use your photographs for any advertising purposes and your rights are not affected in anyway and all repaired photos are held strictly in confidence until restoration is completed, they will be erased from our system once you have received the final prints or electronic media.

Posting your photographs to us

Use courier delivery for the safest method and include insurance and tracking, we will post back to you via courier  delivery and the cost of this will be added to the restoration cost If you require special postage requirements please contact us in advance of sending.

Pack with oversize foamcore or stiff corrugated cardboard and place inside a bigger cardboard box or stiff-wall envelope with ample padding.

Post Your Photo’s To

Photo Fantastic Restorations, 86 Woodhurst ave, Petts Wood, Kent BR5 1AT. We can repair almost all photographs, but extreme damage where there is large missing parts will have to be recreated by artistic means,  we will let you know if the photograph can not be restored at the quotation stage. You will not pay for any images that we cannot restore.

Restoration Time

Restorations normally take a week from your approved quotation date and a watermarked low resolution version will be sent via email for your approval before you pay. If you’re not satisfied, we will either fix what you don’t like or return your original if it is a print.

Returning Your Photograph

Photographs will be sent via either email or on a CD-ROM (Compact Disc, read-only-memory) or DVD (optical disc storage format), or photographic gallery quality prints, we only use very high quality archival papers with over 100 years fade stability so future generations will be able to view your photographs in perfect clarity.

You will need to let us know what media choice you require at the quotation stage.

Restoration will not commence until you have agreed the repair quote.

Payment Method Please make cheques and bank transfers out to Especial Effects


By Cheque,

Bank Transfer

BACS or  Postal orders

Dont Let Your Memories Fade Away !

We can reverse the clock and restore the image to how it looked on the very first day it was taken and even improve the image by removing any unwanted objects or adding colour to a black and white image if so desired.
86 Woodhurst Avenue, Petts Wood, Kent BR51AT
01689 837251 or 0770 3017590